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What Contributes to a Green Pool and Possible Solutions?

Having a pool in your home greatly impacts the market value and the curb appeal of your property. Today, almost every new home that is built has a pool. A pool in your property means that you will get to swim, which is a good exercise activity when it comes to strengthening of lungs and heart. Additionally, it is always a fun activity. Every homeowner should ensure that the pool is in good condition by providing the required level of maintenance. One of the effects of not taking care of your pool is a change of color to green. What are the causes of green coloring? Read on to learn why your pool might be green and how you can fix it.

You can only enjoy swimming in your pool if it is in good condition. Therefore, if you own a pool, you should learn a few tips on how you can keep it in good condition. One of the elements that can negatively affect the condition of a pool is calcium. Calcium buildup in pool will change the color of the pool. Also, you should know that calcium buildup in pool can damage your pool in other ways. The other negative effect of calcium buildup in pool is corrosion of metal ladders in your pool. Click on this way on how you can reduce calcium buildup in pool.

There are several other reasons why your pool is green. Pollen is one of the things that might make your pool green. If there are trees and plants in your home, pollen might be the reason why your pool is green. Commonly, people assume that pollens in their pool might be algae. If your pool is green because of pollen, you need more than a standard pool filter to restore its color. The right tool that you need to remove pollen from your pool is a fine-mesh skimmer.

Chlorine is crucial in pool water as it helps in killing germs and preventing the growth of algae. As you know, your pool water will turn to green if algae grow. It, therefore, means that lack of enough chlorine water might be the reason why it is green. Also, the presence of metals such as copper in your pool water can contribute to the green color. Such metals usually come from algaecides and heater elements. If the color change is attributed to metals, you should consider using metal removers in your pool from time to time.

A common pool maintenance tips that homeowners employ is the removal of debris using filters. However, you should ensure that your filter is clean before using it. Now that you understand why your pool is green, you should consider the above-discussed solutions to restore the color and prevent calcium buildup in pool.

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